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29.12.2018: correct typos

Corrected all typos that I could find.

27.01.2018: javascript syntaxhighlighter4

I know, its a long time since my last update, but now it is here.
I have updated the page to use 'syntaxhighlighter4'. Can be found here:
I had some trouble building it so for simple usage I build all brushes and here is the built 'dist' directory as a zip
It got rid of the flash for the copying mechanism. It uses a different way now to enable copying of the highlighted code. Just double click and the code can be copied as normal text, then click anywhere outside of the highlight area to show the code with nice colors again.
19.03.2009: javascript syntaxhighlighter2.0
I know, its a long time since my last update, but now it is here.
I have updated the page to 'syntaxhighlighter2.0'. IE Explorer now can nearly render it correctly (some line numbers are still shifted in place). you can find it here:
24.08.2007: javascript syntaxhighlighter
I have started to use a javascript based syntaxhighlighter (clientside). Unfortunately it does not work in IE (because IE does not implement the standarts correctly, so I do not care!). If you are intersted you can find it here:
I had to make some modifications so its use is conforme with the standard of html 4.01 strict.
24.08.2007: links
Since I had some hosting trouble lately my page will be always available here (bookmark this!):
If the RSS feed is broken then it will be probably because I have new hosting. Try this link to get the RSS feed from the new location then.
24.08.2007: animation tutorial finished
Look at animation tutorials finished in the tutorials section.
09.08.2007: some updates
gradients new version
Dice Wars Enhanced added
Beergame added
FastRendergroup some bugfixes (only for pygame 1.8)
12.07.2007: pygame optimizations tutorials
I have written the tutorials on optimization. link
06.07.2007: page
This page is now available under that URL too:
It is much shorter so you can remember better :-)
06.07.2007: pygame projects
FastRenderGroup v1.1.83 minor changes. link
11.06.2007: pygame projects
FastRenderGroup v1.1.72 released, layersystem in separated class and working link
03.06.2007: pygame projects
FastRenderGroup v1.0.66 added link
28.05.2007: pygame projects
FastRenderGroup updated. Now you can compare with RenderUpdates. link
26.05.2007: pygame projects
FastRenderGroup added. link
01.05.2007: pygame tutorials
movement tutorial added. link
01.05.2007: pygame tutorials
thanks section opend. link
03.04.2007: pygame tutorials
alpha tutorial added. link
02.04.2007: pygame tutorials
colorkey tutorial added. link
01.04.2007: pygame tutorials
using background tutorial added. link
26.03.2007: pygame
First blit tutorial added. link
26.03.2007: pygame
Intro tutorial added. link
26.03.2007: home
Background logo added.
25.03.2007: home
RSS feed added.
24.03.2007: home
Changed table layout to css layout.
11.01.2007: guestbook
guestbook and the feedback form has benn deleted because of spam. Sorry. You can contact me at #pygame. You will find me there as DR0ID_.
03.10.2006: pygame
updated the pygame section. Moved all beta code to this site.
opend the feedback section
28.09.2006: pygame
some code snippets in the BETA section: BETA

10.06.2006: pygame
sprite engine updated: animation demo added, check it out
I'm sorry that it took so long, but I was busy
update in pygame: beta version of sprite engine uploaded
update in pygame: lens effect uploaded
Hello. Well this is my first public homepage. Comments and suggestions are welcome and it does not matter if it is about html, css or the content. Because my mother tongue is not english I make some mistakes. Please tell me about any misspellings you can find and, more important, if you don't understand any part of text on this homepage. Thanks.
And naturally all dates refer to last content update and not to changes to html and/or scripts (although I do not use any).
As you can see, this page should validate with HTML4.01 and css2.0. I put here a reference image how it should look like, so you can comopare with your browser rendering. If any browser should have trouble displaying this homepage, please tell me, although it's more a browser issue not to meet the standarts.
reference image of homepage